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2 Natural Brain-Boosters for a Quick, Sharp Memory

Brain health is something that should always be front and center for everyone, regardless of age. 

However it's often thought about only as older family members start to experience cognitive issues or when a neurological disease is diagnosed. But wouldn't you love to prevent cognitive decline and protect your brain health before the effects of aging take place? You can and it starts with your endocannabinoid system or ECS.

Healthy Brain, Healthy ECS

Have you ever heard of the endocannabinoid system? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. The system was first discovered while scientists were researching the cannabis plant. (Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with marijuana.) The results found that the endocannabinoid system has a powerful effect on your life balance or homeostasis. You know the feeling – like you could handle anything and still have enough energy to power through your day.

Your brain – along with your spine – is powered by your central nervous system which, in turn, is guided by your ECS and its receptors found in cannabinoid receptor 1 [CB1]. These receptors are the lock in the ECS lock and key function with the messages being sent by your brain acting as the keys.

Try these 2 Centuries-Old Brain-Health Boosters

Brain health supplements have been around for years and the ingredients they contain have existed for thousands before that. In fact, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that the ginkgo biloba tree is the oldest species on the planet!

Bacopa and huperzine all work in concert to help protect your brain health, enhance memory and battle oxidative stress. Let’s look at each one.


Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners have used bacopa (or brahmi) for years and it's been proven beneficial in the treatment of things like ADHD, Alzheimer’s and as a general stress buster.

In fact, a recent study in Australia revealed that the control group given bacopa showed a higher instance of cognitive memory recovery than the placebo group.


Made from the extract of the firmoss plant, this Southeast Asia native helps enhance memory. It has been found to help with Alzheimer’s patients as well as be a good therapy for nerves and muscles.

Taking these three powerful ingredients is the first step towards protecting and preserving your brain health. Together they can be found in Endo Brain which contains high levels of bacopa and huperzine along with a proprietary PhytoCann Complex to boost your memory, enhance cognition and improve neurotransmitter health.

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