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Endo Omega Vegan Wins AGAIN!

Endo Omega Vegan Has Won the 2020 Delicious Living Award for "Favorite Healthy Oil"!

Delicious Living Magazine just announced the winners for their annual supplement awards and Endo Omega Vegan came out on top! 

Voted on by retailers and consumers, the new omega supplement formulated exclusively for the endocannabinoid system, won "Favorite Healthy Oil" for it's ability to provide the body with the essential building blocks needed to produce omega-based endocannabinoids on demand (the most powerful activators of the endocannabinoid system).

Endo Omega Vegan includes the precise ratio of omega-3s from vegan DHA algal oil, GLA-rich anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil and MCT’s from coconut oil for added brain and metabolism support. It’s emulsified for enhanced absorption and bioavailability, is sugar-free, keto and paleo friendly and available in a delicious café mocha flavor that even kids will love! Discover more here!

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