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Why Am I So Sad in the Winter? Seasonal Affective Disorder 101 with Real Food with Dana

So there’s this not-so-happy thing that tends to happen to a lot of us in the winter months, where we start to feel very down and gloomy, trending towards more depressive symptoms. 

There are fewer hours of daylight, we’re being exposed to less sunlight because it’s too cold to stay outside for long periods of time, we become less energetic, and less motivated to do pretty much everything (except stay inside and binge your favorite TV show!). You’re not crazy, and you might not be clinically depressed – but if you’re asking yourself every winter, “why am I feeling so down?” it might be due to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

In this short blog, Board-Certified Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist and Body Image Coach, Dana Monsees shares what she's learned from battling Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how you can find relief from nutrition, lfiestyle and  supplements (including our award-winning Endo Bliss and Endo Calm).

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